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putting humans first and using design & technology to craft simple, meaningful solutions


About Bitniks

Hello. I’m Nassos Kappa, a designer with 20 years of experience in every aspect of design, from visual design to brand building and from communications to digital apps and human experiences.

I created Bitniks as a creative platform that aims to bring good people with amazing skills together to collaborate in designing and developing inspiring work, focusing in simplicity, reason, usability, the important details and aesthetics while caring about the human life and its environment.

This website is the showcase of selected work done in collaboration with friends with similar beliefs and passions.


There is no ‘i’ in team and there are two in ‘bitniks’. This ensemble is for professionals who believe in the power of collaboration and the results that can be achieved by people working together. Nothing is ready-made and everything is bespoke. Each participant approaches design, code and any other creative task as individual and equal with the rest of the team. We think, play, suggest, discuss and create freely.

Like a jazz band.

We live an in era where most people are content to pursue consumer culture — starving for likes and matches, thrilled by fancy but meaningless technology and design trends. We see the best minds of our generation destroyed by advertising, profit hunting and careers built on logo collections, constantly looking for the next sparkle of excitement from any potential “new experience”. We say enough. We want to fight it by designing and building “real” experiences, taking things back to basics and, through simplicity, aim for the well-thought ideas that will help and inspire humans. We hate eyebrow-raising trends and boring stereotypes. We love nature. We combine analogue with technology to provide people and business with smart utilities or innovative solutions. We love giving credit. We love the Web. We worked our ass off on it, but we’re always finding help. We think it's time to give something back. We criticise. We experiment. We design.

— bitniks design ensemble